Welcome to IMDC’s Cultural & Educational Exchange Center

June 24, 2024



China and Pakistan are good neighbors, good friends, and good partners who “carry it together, no matter how heavy or light it is”. With deeper mutual trust, frequent high-level exchanges, and fruitful outcomes in all areas of cooperation, bilateral relations will achieve new levels of vitality and success.

Both countries are committed to seeking respective development for the country and happiness for the people. There are many opportunities for mutually beneficial cooperation between the two sides since both have similar aspirations.

Islamabad Medical and Dental College and Anhui Medical University aim to promote and develop both countries through educational and cultural exchange and partnerships. Through engaging and involving both nations, we hope to build a greater appreciation of our multi-cultural identity and a stronger sense of belonging.

Towards mutual understanding between the people of China and Pakistan, Islamabad Medical and Dental College Cultural and Educational Exchange Center helps promote cultural and educational exchanges. We create educational opportunities between these two countries to better serve medical students and professionals.

Our programs provide more than just education. We focus on facilitating a well-rounded experience and an enjoyable cultural transition through the use of technology, cultural activities, and other interactive activities.

ICEC promotes intercultural exchange between Pakistan and China by facilitating the implementation of cross-border education and cross-cultural projects.

Our goal is to serve as a bridge where Pak- China exchanges of culture, education, talents, can take place, and to bring the communication and cooperation between the two to a higher level, focusing on creating economic, technological, and educational cooperation between the two countries.