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December 3, 2023

Chairman’s Message

Chairman’s Message

Dear students, faculty members, and staff,

Those of you, who seize the initiative and seek out the incredible range of opportunities that ICEC has to offer, in the future, will be rewarded in ways that are not easily matched anywhere, both in education and research.

I hope you will find your position at ICEC perhaps more than one. Your opportunities are golden. If only you can make use of them, this will be a golden age of education and because of you, it will be one for us as well.

My sincere advice to the student is regularity and hard work. My request to the faculty and staff is sincerity in imparting your knowledge and experience to the student and juniors.

May Allah bless our efforts in character building, respect, and love for each other. All these qualities are the hallmark of our institution.

Dr. Ghullam Akbar Khan Niazi

MBBS (Pb) DipVen (UK) D.D.V, F.A.M.S. (Vienna, Austria)