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July 17, 2024



The students will move to China as soon as the borders open.

Until the borders open the students will have physical classes at Islamabad Medical and Dental College. The Chinese faculty will teach online and the faculty at IMDC will facilitate them as well.

Until the borders open, the students will stay in Pakistan.

The fee structure is given in the link below:

MBBS Fee Structure

Initially, there is no scholarship for the MBBS program. If the student’s performance is good and he/she maintains a good CGPA, the university may grant him/her a scholarship.

The application processing fee for the MBBS program is 1000 US Dollars.

Yes, the Chinese language course is compulsory for the MBBS program.

The MBBS program is English taught.

The MBBS program is for six years in China.

The sixth year of MBBS in China is an internship. The seventh year is house job.