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Reasons to learn Chinese language for Pakistani students

Any second language is worth learning. Language-learning stimulates the intellect, improves multitasking, and boosts Level of intelligence. Learning a new language may open the door to a new culture and help you comprehend its people and traditions.

I believe studying any foreign language is beneficial. Why not start with Chinese, considering our strong relations?

International companies seek bilingual employees. China is a major market, thus company executives want employees who can speak Chinese and work in Chinese culture.

Chinese is a valuable ability to have. The youth should study Chinese so Pakistan may build an entrepreneurial culture with Chinese help, not Western aid. Learning Chinese will let young students share their unique ideas with Chinese peers.

There has been a rise in desire to learn Chinese in Pakistan. CPEC and the associated employment opportunities are a major factor in the region’s growing popularity. To take advantage of the ongoing initiatives between the two nations, job-seekers and company owners alike may profit from learning this language. China is rising to world leadership and has great regard for Pakistanis. Not to forget, they consider us as their friends. There are of the reasons why Chinese language is important for Pakistani students which are as follows:

Importance of learning Chinese in Pakistan:

Pakistanis are embracing the Chinese language, with private Chinese (Mandarin) language instruction centers popping up left, right, and center. The Punjab Technical Education and Vocational Training Authority (Tevta) has allocated 47 institutions across 23 districts. Mandarin lessons are also available at Punjab University’s Confucius Institute, the National University of Modern Languages, the Government College University, and the University of Central Punjab. Tevta received 11,000 applications for Chinese language courses this year, with a total of 30,000 people learning the language. The government has mostly supported the language and is gradually implementing Mandarin in public schools, colleges, and institutions. Many of the students are just entrepreneurs looking to expand their market reach. Many organizations and businesses are also pushing their staff to learn the language in order for the company to grow as a whole.

Power of Youth Empowerment:

It is simple for our country to develop once we have overcome the language barrier. For example, since everyone in Pakistan speaks Urdu, we may do business or look for work in any region of the nation. Similarly, if we establish ourselves as proficient Chinese speakers, we will be able to do business with great ease on Chinese territory. Once we’ve mastered the topic, we’ll be able to open shop locations in Pakistan’s Chinese communities. And, if required, go to China to enhance their financial situation. According to statistics, Pakistan’s population is presently more than 50% young, which is more than we need to go further. So, if we study hard, we can do more in less time and provide the country with the integrity it has deserved from its foundation.

Opens up Business and Employment Opportunities:

Businesses in Pakistan need solid connections with their Chinese competitors because of China’s rising economy and the widespread use of Chinese goods across the country. Learning Chinese has many practical applications outside the domain of international trade. For young people in Pakistan, learning Chinese may also mean more access to education and career prospects. Knowing Chinese will make one an attractive candidate for the estimated 40,000 Chinese interpreting jobs that will become available over the next several years as a direct result of the CPEC.

Learning a new language may open up a variety of professional doors, including:

  • Language Instructor
  • Language interpreter
  • Professional Translator
  • Tourist guide translator
  • Content Writer

Learning Chinese isn’t as hard as portrayed

If one were to do a survey of people who are interested in learning a new language, most of them would say that they avoid Chinese because of its difficult writing. Learning Chinese, however, is not hard at all, and can be done in Pakistan or anywhere else. Although there are 80,000 characters in the Chinese writing system, only roughly 3,000 to 4,000 are truly essential to learn in order to speak Chinese proficiently.

There is also no need to worry about subject-verb agreement, plurals, tenses, or verb tense. Chinese avoids the problems of English Grammar because different tones of one’s voice do not communicate multiple meanings of the same word. This also implies that one may get away with memorizing a smaller portion of the Chinese vocabulary in order to pass oneself off as multilingual.

Chinese Language involves Simple Grammar

Learning Chinese is a fiction. Ignore Chinese language critics and consider learning it simple. You can easily speak it. A fiction. Once you comprehend the value of this language, its complexity won’t matter. People think its writing method is tough to learn. If you learn the fundamentals, it’s easy to learn. This language has no tenses, genders, or grammatical difficulties.

Chinese language can be learned by using Computer Assisted Techniques:

Learning Chinese was once one of the most time-consuming tasks one could do. This level of education, however, has recently become simple and even exciting. The best strategies for learning this language have been developed in recent times. Computer-assisted language learning tools such as Pleco, Memrise, and Anki have made it possible for even the most technologically impaired among us to quickly and efficiently master Mandarin Chinese.